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E.LAND Social Contribution

Amount contributed to the society


Since 2002

We have kept our promise since we announced to return 10% of our profits to society.
We will continue to engage in more social issues and practice sharing to create a world
where everyone can enjoy their lives.

E-LAND(Everyone’s Land) FOUNDATION

We act the
spirit of sharing for everyone without exception.

Incubating Supporting family crisis business
We support family crisis and small NPO(Non Profit Organization) that can’t get support from government or any private organization.


Scholarship of ‘E-LAND Vision
We help underprivileged students
to make their plan, achieve their dream
and grow up as a member of society.


Donation site
We make every donator’s and underprivileged’s land by becoming the path of the spirit of sharing with worth and value.


E-LAND Welfare Foundation

We practice our love to make
everyone’s land a better place.

E-LAND Welfare Center
We serve them with
love at senior welfare center and nursing home
that feel like a hotel.


Support business for North Korea
We support North Koreans for
their real life with professional
NPO continuously.


Rearing overseas child
We make 1 on 1 child support with ELAND employees to raise overseas children who are in harsh environment.


Domestic social contribution of E-LAND

all together besides Sharing 1%, fund, child support and volunteer.

Client Participation Sharing
Campaign(E-LAND World)
Clients participate sharing
campaign all together for supporting
underprivileged neighbor.
A Love Basket
(E-LAND Retail)
Visiting underprivileged neighbors in the store distribution area and giving them daily necessities.
Refresh Tour
(Kensington Hotel & Resort)
Providing rest and recovery for small social welfare facility worker and wounded or superior fire officer’s family.
Sharing Culture Activity
(E-LAND Park / Entertainment Division)
· Supporting low-income family eating out.
· Invitation cultural marginalization from 대구 E-World.
· Invitation them from Han river E-LAND Cruise.
· Eland Employee Donation (Ewha Written Fund, 1% share of child support)
· Eland Employee volunteer work

Overseas social contribution of E-LAND

We share 10% of our profits for global social contribution and
make everyone’s land together.

As a representative project for the Chinese poverty youth education support project, we are continuing to provide artificial leg & arm for people with disabilities, emergency relief in disaster areas and volunteer work for welfare facilities for employees.


We practice sharing in various social contribution activities such as environment improvement business, scholarship business, support for the poor families In India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Myanmar.


Centering around E-LAND Resort, we carry out social contribution activities under the theme of improvement of poor infrastructure and environment of Saipan society.


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