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We make the world that everyone in the world can enjoy.

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We lead Asian fashion trend through a
huge market in China.

After analyzing the trends of the world, E.LAND is making success in China by supplying the most appealing products to Chinese customers through localization strategy in China and concentrating on human resources development with local recruitment and training. Over the past 10 years, we have grown at a CAGR of 60%, and have opened more than 3,000 stores.



We follow the sensibility of the Italian heritage brand.

E.LAND acquired Italian global fashion company BELFE and LARIO Group. We anticipate synergies created by Italian heritage brands BELFE, the Italian sports fashion brand with 100 years of history, and LARIO, the shoe company with 113 years of history, in our existing distribution network.



We continue to build our reputation with the original trenditional fashion brand.

E.LAND has acquired Peter Scott, Scottish cashmere brand with 130 years of history, and GLOVERALL, which boasts its reputation for original duffel coat. With tranditional design and high-quality materials, we continue to grow into brands that appeal to our customers around the world.



We are making a leap as a global fashion brand in the US, a battleground of the global market.

Based on the market experience of E.LAND Kids which started in 1999, we opened the first WHO.A.U brand store in 2007 at the Stanford Town Center in Connecticut, USA. Since then, we have continued to target the US market with products that captivate local residents by opening Garden State Plaza branch in NJ and Manhattan Soho branch in NY etc.


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5.4 million clothes for 30 countries
are made in India annually.

E.LAND has concluded the M&A transaction with Mudra Lifestyle, the third largest fashion company in India, to establish an important bridgehead for future Indian market entry. Mudra Lifestyle is a listed company with production systems ranging from textile and apparel manufacturing, processing, design development and sampling that exports 5.4 million clothes to 30 countries annually in 5 factories located in Bhimwadi, Bangalore, Daman, Tarapur, and Navi Mumbai.


We are gaining ‘respect’ with the acquisition of Thanh Cong, a state-owned enterprise in Vietnam.

E.LAND Vietnam made its first step in 1994 as a production subsidiary in Vietnam with the aim to achieve the vision of the headquarter in Korea. Currently, E.LAND Vietnam operates two production factories in Ho Chi Minh City with a capacity of 1,000 employees for each site. Especially, in 2009, we acquired the state-owned enterprise Thanh Cong through E.LAND Singapore to pioneer the Vietnamese market more aggressively. Thanh Cong that has about 4,300 employees is a vertically integrated company capable of batch production from yarn to clothing.
Thanh Cong is currently listed on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange in Vietnam and is moving forward with the goal of becoming one of “Top 10 Vietnamese companies“ and “the most respected company” by 2020.

Sri Lanka

The bridgehead that connects the USA and Europe
is completed in Sri Lanka.

E.LAND has entered Sri Lanka to respond effectively to the rapidly changing fashion market,
which was a successful strategy for targeting the US and European fashion market.
We were able to build up the base for our growth by establishing excellent factory facilities, expanding local manpower, and improving the business environment. It serves as the main production factory for E.LAND Group with high sales growth until now.

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