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Ethical Management

Even if it takes longer,
taking the right track will take us further.

E.LAND has been striving to become a company trusted by customers, dealers
and partner companies through ethical management.
We will continue to fulfill our social responsibilities to become a model company in the community.

E.LAND Code of Ethics

  • Gain love and trust from customers by showing them respect and providing values that impress our customers.
  • Observe laws and business standards applied to management philosophy and business activities.
  • Neither engage in unfair practices nor pursue private interests against our partners for fair and transparent business transactions.
  • Do not ask for or receive any money, gifts, entertainment, reward, solicitation, convenience from partner companies.
  • Never unjustly acquire or privately borrow the assets, goods, and funds of the company and partners.
  • Do not divulge any information or secrets of customers and business partners.
  • Show mutual respect and use courteous language among partners and employees.
  • Avoid any involvement in disgraceful incidents such as indecent lifestyle and sexual harassment to live righteously and frugally.
  • Provide opportunities to grow without discrimination of sex and origin, and bear the responsibility for the outcome.
  • Make every effort to protect the environment and prevent possible accident for customer safety.
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