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everyone's eland

The world that everyone enjoys

We shall create the best value for everyone
to enjoy a better life regardless of gender, age or income


We create a daily life that everyone can enjoy
with reasonable prices and top quality.

In 1980, when there were not many fashion road shops like now,
E·LAND, which started at a small space of about 7m2 studio in front of Ewha Women’s University,
dreamed of a world where everyone, not just a part of people, can enjoy fashion.
so that everyone can enjoy premium products at a reasonable price in everyday life.

Management Philosophy

We work to share,
not to keep it for ourselves.
A company should seek profits to protect the livelihood of its employees and business investors, and
we share 10% of profits with the underprivileged to create a virtuous circle of society.
A workplace is a school of life.
Employees should be able to learn human relationships and love
at a workplace where they spend most of their time.
We will foster leaders with a mature personality and character for our society.
Taking the right track even if it takes longer will take us further.
A company should be honest in the process of making profits.
We want to be a good example of the industry by reaping just what we sow, and to become a respectable company in society.
Satisfied customers
are the best advertisement.
With as a top priority,
E.LAND practices a reasonable pricing policy reflecting the people’s income, not market price.

Management Philosophy

In order to create a world that everyone enjoys,
we listen to the voice of our customers in the place closest to them, and think about the benefits of customers from start to finish.

We work field-oriented
to listen to the voice of the customers.

We innovate in a way that our customers want
from the place nearest to the field.

We study premium without price bubbles
to return more benefit to our customers.

We offer premium products and services
without price bubbles through constant innovation.

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