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Trendy American gourmet buffet, Ashley

Ashley is ‘American Gourmet Buffet’ that serves American home meals, soul food full of American sensibility and trendy food hot in New York and San Francisco areas.


Korean-style buffet made with seasonal delicacies and natural ingredients, JAYEON BYEOLGOK

Enjoy a la carte made of fresh ingredients from land and sea on a same table. Jayeon Byeolgok introduces a new menu of traditional Korean food made from seasonal ingredients for each season.


Pizza buffet from all over the world since 1994, PIZZA MALL

The Pizza Mall is a buffet-style restaurant that serves pizzas, salads, and desserts from around the world. It serves a new trendy pizza for every season.

Roun Shabu-Shabu

Healthy shabu-shabu & salad bar, ROUN

From fresh vegetable, a variety of soup broth, trendy toppings, seasonal healthy dishes to the unlimited well-being Vietnamese spring roll, the Roun Shabu-Shabu serves all kinds of shabu and seasonal menu of the world.


Sushi & grill buffet with various flavors and shapes, SOOSA

Soosa offers sushi of various flavors and shapes from fresh seasonal fish sushi to creative fusion sushi, as well as seasonal trendy grilled dishes.


Eat always great, PAIRING6

Pairing6 is the first flagship buffet in Korea where you can enjoy about 250 seasonal menus from Ashely, Jayeon Byeolgok, Soosa, Roun, and Pizza Mall as well as special brewing service of tap beer and wine.


Italian pasta & pizza dining, RIMINI

Rimini introduces local Italian taste with healthy pasta made of a fresh combination of sauce, noddle, and topping ingredients, and with a variety of pizza completed by a variation of dough, sauce and main topping choices.


HUWON for the best Hamheung cold noodle

Huwon makes dough every morning at the store, pulls noodle at the time of order, and uses the soup broth carefully brewed in a cauldron and the special sauce made of 14 ingredients to make the best taste cold noodle.


Japanese home-style Tonkatsu, Teroo

Teroo sorts and cuts pork meat produced in Korea only using the traditional method. Pork meat is carefully cleaned and prepared from seasoning to battering. Teroo serves authentic Japanese taste every day like serving a precious guest at home.


A restaurant specializing in Bansang, traditional Korean fine dining, BANGOONG

Bansang (formal dining) resembles nicely presented home meal and studies fine dining of aristocrats.
Bansang is composed of grilled, stir-fried, steamed, and stewed dishes served with healthy sizzling stone pot rice and seasonal soup. Bangoong serves main and side dishes made of seasonal ingredients with freshly cooked rice in a sizzling stone pot.

Asia moon

A representative restaurant for Asian cuisine in Korea, Asia Moon

You can meet representative dishes of Asian countries in one place including Thai cuisine that offers a unique flavor with various spices, Chinese and American Chinese cuisine of continental taste, and thetaste of Hong Kong, a food paradise as well as Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine.


Casual teppanyaki specialty restaurant, Daguo

Daguo offers a variety of trendy casual teppanyaki dishes freshly cooked on the iron griddle immediately upon your order using various main ingredients of steak, seafood, rice, and noodles as well as fresh vegetables.


Time for coffee lovers, Lugo

Experience the special roasting, blending, and brewing techniques of Lugo to fully appreciate unique flavors of specialty beans directly imported from the famous coffee farms around the world.


The Caffe with deeper taste and scent

The internationally certified Q-Graders who rate fresh beans and identify their origin and the pro roasters who use different roasting according to the characteristics of beans brew the best taste coffee at the Caffe.


A French authentic recipe with artisan Boulanger Cyril Gaudin’s pride, Frangerie

The delicious Frangerie bread was born by adding the pride of artisan Boulanger ‘Cyril Gaudin’ to the savory and refreshing taste of French flour and naturally fermented levain. Meet healthy bread that is easy to digest.


Percheno, the gelato most beloved by Italians

Percheno uses only seasonal fruits rich in flavor and nutrition and original ingredients from Italy. Meet 100% handmade gelato made with the master’s recipe passed down for three generations.

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