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Perfect healing in the heart of the city, Kensington Hotel Yeouido

Kensington Hotel Yeouido provides perfect healing from dining prepared at the fingertips of the top chefs to sophisticated guestroom services. The hotel is conveniently located in the city center near Yeouido Park and Han River Park for you to enjoy the nature all year round and near the IFC Mall, a large complex for trendy malling.


The world’s first herb & flower hotel with a French concept, Kensington Hotel Pyeongchang

The Kensington Hotel Pyeongchang is an herb & flower themed hotel with a concept of an old French castle in the pristine nature of Mt. Odae. Enjoy the largest French garden in Korea of about 66,100m2, luxury glamping experience, and a beautiful getaway in guestrooms with the spectacular view of Mt. Odae.


A hotel with the dignity of British royal style, Kensington Hotel Seorak

The museum lounge with various collections that reveal the elegance of the original British royal family, the Queen Restaurant, the classical interior design, and tea time at the balcony with the beautiful backdrop of Mt. Seorak of the Kensington Hotel Seorak provides a refined relaxation.


Marine boutique at Gwangalli rooftop and lounge, Kent Hotel by Kensington

Kent Hotel by Kensington offers marine boutique rooms with a view of the Gwangalli Beach, rooftop to enjoy beautiful Gwangan Bridge and young and trendy lounge.


Hanok hotel with tranquility and healing, Namwon Yechon

The Namwon Yechon, which was built by the best Hanok master builders enlisted as the UNESCO Human Cultural Properties, offers guest rooms with traditional Korean style architecture free of all artificial chemicals, exquisite Hanok dining, and a variety of cultural experiences for serene healing that represents true elegance of Korea.


Luxury royal lifestyle, Kensington Hotel Saipan

With the premium all-inclusive concept, you can feel the beautiful view of Saipan while enjoying a high-quality lifestyle with royal service at the Kensington Hotel Saipan.


Quality relaxation in nature, Kensington Resort

From the SEORAK BEACH ocean resort with a panoramic view of East Sea to Mt. Seorak,
To the luxury healing resort CHEONGPYEONG surrounded by mountains and rivers, the modern Hanok-style river view resort JIRISAN NAMWON, the JIRISAN HADONG resort with beautiful landscape at the foot of Mt. Jiri, the family resort CHUNGJU, GYEONGJU, JEJU HANLIM and the riverside ocean resort SEOGWIPO, the Kensington Resort provides a pleasant rest for the family in beautiful nature.


Corea Condo Jeju where you can enjoy a beautiful view of Jeju Jungmun Tourist Complex

Located in the Jeju Jungmun Tourist Complex, the best tourist destination in Korea, the Corea Condo is the perfect place to enjoy a happy and memorable time with family looking at the beautiful sea of Jeju Island.


Cocomong Kids Land, a character indoor playground where Cocomong Refrigerator Land becomes a reality

The Cocomong Kids Land is full of various plays and events for kids to meet with Cocomong of TV animation Cocomong Refrigerator Land.


COP, a resort with blue coral reefs and beaches in Northern Mariana Islands, Saipan

The COP is a resort club located in the Northern Mariana Islands in Saipan. Its seaside courses along the Philippines Sea and the Saipan Straits offers a refined relaxation in the natural beauty of clear & blue coral reefs and Tinian Islands.


BEARS TOWN, the first ISO certified four seasons total activity town in Korea

The bears town always offers enjoyable time with newly renovated condominiums and a wide range of 4-season activities including sports facilities like a 9-hole public golf range, tourist lifts, electric carts, skiing, and snow sledding.


Tour Mall that ensures happy tours

Tour mall provides premium corporate travel services and personalized travel services for each region of the world including Southeast Asia, China, Japan, South Pacific, Europe, and the United States.


Seoul E.LAND FC creates a new football culture through communication with fans.

Seoul E.LAND FC, a professional football club based in Seoul established in 2015, is creating a new culture of football through constant communication with fans both inside and outside the arena.


E.World, a country of dreams, love, and festivals

E.World is a garden-style world theme park with Daegu’s best landmark Tower 83. E.World, a country of pleasant dreams, love and festivals all the year round will present you fantastic joy with a variety of attractions, seasonal flower festivals and events.


Olive Studio where Cocomong, Dinosaurs of Korean Peninsula, and Barnacle Lou were created

The Olive Studio creates a happier and more enjoyable world through characters in movies and animations, video production, character development, product licensing and themed spaces.


E.CRUISE, the best time to enjoy the Han River

The E.LAND Cruise is the over-the-water theme park in the city with culture and tourism. The beautiful scenery of the Han River, as well as various events and performances against cool breezes over the river, will present you the best moments.


Best gift for British modern sensibility, Lloyd

As a British modern jewelry brand, the Lloyd offers jewelry of differentiated designs and classic timepieces you want to present to your loved ones.


Glittering Daily Trendy Jewelry, OST

Launched in 2006, the OST is a trendy jewelry brand specializing in silver jewelry and fashion watches to make everyone’s life more meaningful.


Daily Trendy Accessory SPA, LATEM

The Latem, an accessory SPA brand for daily trendy fashion, allows you to shop accessories with a variety of unique designs by concept or by coordination.


Jewelry for French Feminine Sensibility, CLUE

The Clue is feminine concept jewelry, hair and fashion accessory brand with the motif of romantic French rose garden.

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