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Trends meet Basic, Be Trensic!
Korea’s first global SPA brand

SPAO is the first global SPA brand in Korea that introduces trensic style clothing every season by applying latest trendy designs to the basics represented by its comfort and superior quality.



Mixxo is a name inspired by a word ‘Mixology’, which means ‘the skill of mixing cocktails’. Like a cocktail made of various ingredients, the Mixxo is a global women’s global SPA brand for women where you can create your own mix & match style with basic items of global sensibility and trendy designs.


Californian Dream
American Casual Global SPA

“WHO.A.U” is based on the spirit of pioneering California in 1849 when young people left for a new world for their dreams and identity. The current “California Dreamers” who have inherited their spirit carry the message of “WHO WHAT WHERE” in their heart, challenging themselves to the future.

New Balance


In Boston, Massachusetts in 1906, New Balance, inspired by a chicken balancing on its three claws, started the business by making arch support (shoe insole with support) for people suffering from foot pain. The New Balance is constantly making innovations with the mission of creating a balance for feet as well as a healthy life.

New Balance Kids

‘New balance Kids “We Fit Kids
Global No.1 Sports Kids Brand

New Balance Kids was born by adding kids’ trend to the functionality of the New Balance sports brand that has a history of 100 years. New Balance Kids is a global sports kids brand that constantly researches and innovates to help children run and play in a healthier and more comfortable way.


Contemporary Shoes Lifestyle Select Shop

Beyond a place simply selling products, Folder, which loves young people all around the world, is a place where you can meet global trends that are not easily accessible in Korea, a place to understand and introduce heritage and values of the brand, and a global shoes select shop where you can share and create global style and culture.


Since 1991, Romantic No.1 ROMANTIC STYLIST, ROEM

Roem is a leading brand of romantic young casual that has been loved for its romantic style since its launch in 1991. Roem offers feminine semi-formal line with romantic mood & trendy style and a casual line with a touch of a romantic element and proposes full coordination for TPO with fashion accessories.



Since its launch in 2004, Clovis has established a style that reflects mass trends based on simplicity. Clovis reinterpreted femininity into casual to fit the motto of ‘EVERYDAY BE STYLISH” with naturalness and sophistication to express the concept of stylish comfort in a rapidly changing trend.


Better office look, Better office life

2ME is a brand that proposes a new trend of comfortable and practical office look with the motto of modern femininity. It aims for “2ME in New York”, a young career office look influenced by trendy New York style.


Everyday Beautiful Lingerie

Since its launch in 2000, Eblin has continued researching to be with every memorable moment for women. It offers the best value to make you shine the most every moment you meet with Ebin.

Hunt Innerwear

“Everyday Happy Moment”,
Innerwear brand that gives happiness every day since 1993

As a brand specialized in innerwear (underwear/loungewear) covering from lingerie to pajamas since its initial launch in 1993 and its renewal launch in August 2016, Hunt Innerwear is striving to improve the quality of life to present you with “Every Happy Moment” using natural and feminine designs and materials.


Lifestyle innerwear that the whole family can wear comfortably

Taechang is an innerwear specialist that owns a number of brands including OX, THE DAY UNDERWEAR, PETITE LIN, VICMAN, C.O.A.X, NX21, THE FAN, and Milan in large discount stores and select shops in Korea, and produces ODM and PB products based on its advantages in excellent product R&D, quality, and speed.


Soft Modernism, 소프트 모더니즘

고급스러운 소재와 모던한 디자인으로, 여성의 자연스러운 아름다움을 추구하는 브랜드 W9(더블유나인)은 합리적인 쇼핑을 즐기는 세련된 감성의
여성고객을 위한Ageless 브랜드를 지향합니다.

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