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NC Department Store

NC Department Store where everyone enjoys abundant shopping

The NC Department Store provides premium products without price bubbles for everyone to enjoy shopping more comfortably and to spend a day in full of anticipation.


Everyday Freshness Health Eating

Kim’s Club makes your dining table rich and abundant. Professional MDs of each field selects and brings fresh food directly from the producers, and plans and produces outstanding private brand products at a reasonable price.


Modern business casual combined with style and practicality, Lanzi

Lanzi offers fashion styles customized to lifestyle for smart men with quality materials and functional design.


Bobo Tree is a stylish children’s wear brand that is a small edition of adult clothes. We are a brand that utilizes the personality of bold primary colours.


Men’s casual with a European sensibility, SAP

SAP is a trendy men’s casual of European sensibility with both comfort and activity.


A character casual brand for young businessmen, M.I.SUIT

M.I.SUIT proposes coordination customized to the lifestyle cutting across formal and casual circumstances that suits anytime and anywhere based on a highly active suit design.


Asia’s First Shoes SPA, SHOOPEN!

Shoopen with over 18 categories and over 2,000 different kinds of shoes is Asia’s first shoes SPA brand that offers comfortable yet trendy shoes and accessories for all ages from children to adults.


Urban daily look for a trendy lifestyle, Datum

The Datum mix-matches modern sensibility with trendy elements to propose a stylish urban daily look for everyday life.


Trendy young casual, ALTO, for ladies in 20~35

alto offers ladies a stylish feminine look from trendy items to basic daily items.


Modern luxury looks for contemporary and trendy sensibility, MOSCONA

MOSCONA (Most Conceited Attitude) offers a modern luxury look with luxurious materials, comfortable and young fit, contemporary and trendy design.


Modern classic style with urban sensibility, Tube

Tube proposes the coordination of the trendy urban classic mood that everyone in the age of 30’s~40’s can enjoy with modern basics inspired by urban sensibility.


British trenditional elegant style, Osborne

Osborne offers a modern traditional look that has combined the latest trend and feminine mood to the British classic style.


Young luxury elegance, Montini

Montini offers a young luxury & elegant look with high-end materials, elegant colors, and comfortable fit comparable to international luxury brands at a reasonable price.


A casual brand for trendy seniors, Tamara

Tamara suggests a trendy daily look with a style that fits anywhere, a comfortable fit, and luxurious and gorgeous patterns.


A modern reinterpretation of lady-like look, Socie

Socie reinterprets black & white colors in modern style to propose unique feminine styling.


A select shop for a modern lifestyle, Melbon

Melbon creates and selects trendy lifestyle items in modern sensibility to offer various items at a reasonable price.


A soft avant-garde multi-shop for unique sensibility, CMCUBE

CMCUBE mix-matches soft draping pattern and structural and modern sensibility to create a stylish avant-garde look for everyday life.

Trend Collection

A romantic young casual select shop, Trend Collection

Trend Collection is a trendy select shop that suggests a stylish full coordination along with a new fashion coordination every week for ladies in their 20~30s with romantic casual tastes.


Daily lifestyle innerwear, Anybody

The Anybody offers daily life home wear from basic innerwear to character loungewear in a variety of designs in good quality with excellent comfort.


A contemporary select shop with a sensibility of luxury trend, Boetti

The Boetti proposes well-made items with luxurious sensibility and quality materials in soft colors and minimal design for trendy ladies in their 30~40s.

Is melbon

A feminine trend select shop, Is melbon

Is melbon proposes a feminine trend in full coordination from fashion items to accessories for you to experience feminine trendy style for any occasions for work, light outing or on a date.


Jeans style bank for jeans lovers, Indigo Bank

Indigo bank suggests jeans of various concepts that jean lovers are looking for and fashion items for an active lifestyle from trendy teenagers to 30s with a refined fashion sense.


Trendy jeans with a feminine sensibility, j.vim

The j.vim proposes a jean casual look for women with slim denim look and trendy tops with a hint of feminine mood.


Stylish athleisure wear, Cindy

Cindy offers athleisure wear combined with functionality and style for ladies who enjoy active leisure activities such as yoga, pilates, and running.


Stylish denim brand for kids, Indigo Bank kids

Indigo Bank Kids is a children’s line of the jean casual brand Indigo Bank. It offers comfortable and various denim style coordination customized to the active lifestyle of children in the age of 5-12.


Lovely casual for girls, Cindy Kids

Based on lovely colors and designs for girls in the age of 6-10, Cindy Kids offers clothing that is more comfortable and pretty when it is worn with a touch of loveliness.


The world’s first licensed brand of ‘Character Felix’, Felix Kids

Felix Kids, which added modernity to the sensibility of Felix brand in monotone, is the only official licensed brand in Korea. Felix Kids brings joy to kids at the moment they wear it.


Stylish casual with a European sensibility, Staff Kids

The Staff Kids proposes modern daily look by adding a hint of European sensibility to various items reflecting the lifestyle of children in the age of 4-12.


A lifestyle select shop for fashionable kids, Milibam

The Milibam is the first place where fashionable moms gather to pick trendy items for their kids in the age of 4-8. The Milibam proposes styling concepts for their loved ones to moms.


A casual brand for fashion-conscious juniors, Little Brenn

The Little Brenn offers various stylish items from practical basic items to trendy items based on modern and chic sensibility for young teens in the age of 12-15.


A fashion coordination brand for lovely girls, Barbie

The Barbie is a professional coordination brand for fashion-conscious girls in the age of 5-10. It proposes stylish fashion coordination at a reasonable price with luxurious, lovely, and trendy items.


A natural innerwear brand for kids, Entetee

Entetee proposes designs full of sensibility to meet the eye level of a child using neutral colors and natural motives of naturalism for children in the age of 1-12. Entetee explores the lifestyle of children to propose comfortable and safe innerwear.


ILODILO with a natural sensibility of Northern Europe

The word ‘ILO’ from ILODILO is a Finnish word meaning joy. The brand expresses natural sensibility of Northern Europe to propose a unique yet comfortable style.


A daily school-look brand with preppy style

Hunt Kids added trendy elements to the preppy concept to create a simple but sophisticated and stylish school look for children in the age of 5-12.


A total styling brand for trendy girls, The Day Girls

The Day Girls offers everything of trendy fashion for trend-conscious girls in the age of 7-14 from clothing, bag, innerwear to beauty cosmetics.


A princess lifestyle brand for girls

Roem Girls offers a dreamy style for everyday and special days with lovely colors and details for girls in the age of 3-13 who want to be a princess.


A casual brand for active juniors, USALL

The Usall proposes active yet stylish clothing that fits the lifestyle of the growing children in the age of 7-15 by adding trendy elements to the basic style.


A contemporary brand with French sensibility for kids, CELDEN

Celden proposes formal clothing essential for school ceremonies and family gatherings as well as trendy and stylish daily look reinterpreted in French sensibility for children in the age of 4-11.


A character fashion brand for toddlers, PAW IN PAW

Paw in Paw suggests a unique style for sensory stimulation for children in the age of 1-7 based on the story of cute and adorable Paw in Paw friends.


European natural sensibility for preschoolers and young school-age children, Cheek

Cheek proposes a luxurious European style with soft color that resembles nature and lovely details targeting children in the age of 2-10.


A toddler character brand for kids, Cocorita

Cocorita offers active stylish clothing with various characters for each season like Cocomong, Pink Pong, and Disney Princesses.


Trendy casual for young school-age children, Ohoo

Ohoo mix-matches basic bottoms with trendy tops to offer a stylish daily look with improved practicality.


Comfortable natural leather shoes at reasonable prices, BEYOND

From formal shoes in classical basic style to trendy natural leather loafers with a European sensibility, Beyond offers natural leather shoes of various designs and comfort at a reasonable price.


A women’s trendy shoes total shop

Minnings is a women’s shoe brand of various designs at a reasonable price. It suggests various styles from trendy designs for women in 20~30s to basic designs for all ages.


An urban sporty casual shoe brand

AUF offers casual shoes that reflect the latest trends of various ages from teenagers who value style to women in their 30s who are sensitive to trends and designs at a reasonable price.


A women’s total accessory brand with trendy sensibility

BeAll offers feminine sensibility for trendy women in their 20~30s to fit their lifestyle at reasonable price.


A fashion legwear specialty shop

Leglig proposes legwear that can match various styles harmoniously in 4 different categories socks for men, socks for women, stockings, and leggings from classic pattern socks to fun street fashion style socks.


A total accessory brand for kids

The Vianni Kids proposes coordination accessories from basic to trendy items to complete the fashion style from toddlers to junior ages.


Modern & young concept fashion jewelry

The Ciao offers trendy fashion items for those who enjoy mix-match look of modern and casual sensibility at high quality and reasonable prices.

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